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Dante Sparda
the moved me into my brothers Cell,  Guess they want some BROTHERLY BONDING.

Verg.  Guess I'm your new cellmate.
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I'm...In..Prison?  Okay.  I'm in prison...My head hurts.  And they won't let me go back to my room cell?.  I'm half Devil,  and their worried.  Damn im hungry.  I want to go home,  I want to get hired for a job.  i Want my own Damn Pizza.  I want to play some Pool,  Wait,  that was destroyed.  Damn Arkham.
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The Prision has a new toy.

Wanna Fuck/beat on something or someone, I'm your Guy.  Though im sorry for those who would like to do real damage.  I'll just heal as fast as you shoot me,  or Stab me,  Or run me through with a Katana.

Not like i've got much else to do, Im apparently not as good as Humans now.

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Yo,  Hwoa.  Meet me outside would ya?  I need to talk to you about Verg.
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Damn.  My foot kinda hurts.  Oh,  and Kain.  I really really don't like you.
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I have a room mate i think. Though i kinda wish it were Verg... 

Who ever is with me in my cell TELL ME PLEASE?  I forgot your name!
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FUCK.   Fuckity fuck fuck fuckers.

I don't mind being in prision...


How the hell am i gonna get a Pizza...?


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